White fence in dire need of repair

Neighbor Disputes: Repairing or Replacing a Shared Fence

  • October 27th, 2015
  • devinlucas

In Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Orange County Communities and elsewhere, good neighbors can be the key to a happy home; thus the reverse is also true. Neighbor disputes, frequently surrounding fence line and property line issues, can be the end-all of confrontational matters and lend to costly litigation. A shared fence, worn and in need […]

Home-Remodeling Projects May Require Special Insurance Policies

  • March 15th, 2015
  • devinlucas

By Olya Yepremian, Momentous Insurance Brokerage Most homeowners may not realize the impact a renovation project has on their homeowner’s policy and that failure to take appropriate action could result in an uncovered claim. In simple terms, if your home is insured for $10 million and you add $2 million in improvements, you now need insurance […]

Newport Beach Temporarily Waives City Building Permit and Plan Check Fees

  • April 11th, 2014
  • devinlucas

Attention Newport Beach homeowners – the City of Newport Beach is temporarily waiving City Building Permit and Plan Check Fees. For anyone sitting on the fence (so-to-speak) of a home improvement project, of any scale, this might be an exceptional inducement, saving potentially thousands of dollars in your overall project expenses. This could be the […]