Consultations – Booking and Costs

For legal matters, Mr. Lucas frequently provides paid consultations ($285) to review a myriad of real estate issues and/or documents.  If your issue pertains to any of the below practice areas, Mr. Lucas is available to meet with you for an initial consultation and discussion of your matter.  Often, a one-hour consultation is enough to address many questions or concerns.  If additional work or guidance is needed beyond the initial consultation, Mr. Lucas will provide options.  Everyone who meets with Mr. Lucas is provided reassurance and professional guidance (view our testimonials section and/or simply ‘google’ him to see feedback).

Note – traditional on-market buying and selling of real estate is handled differently than legal issues (as commissions are often paid, vs. hourly or flat-fee rates); call or email to learn more about consultations pertaining to buying and selling of real estate, often a free consultation and free market evaluation is provided.  Legal matters however are charged on an hourly or flat-fee basis depending on the work requested.   

To book a consultation, click here to view available dates and times and direct payment links

(payment is required in advance to confirm consultations)

Email or call for additional information: | 949.478.1623 office


Practice areas:

Real estate sales / Selling your home or investment property (click here for additional info)
Real estate purchases / Buying you home or investment property (click here for additional info)
Family transactions / Propositions 58 and 193 (selling or gifting to children, grandchildren, etc.) (click here for additional info)
Trust, Estate and Probate Sales (click here for additional info)
Trust and Estate administration and management as to sale of real property (click here for additional info)
Private party transactions
1031 Exchanges (click here for additional info)
For sale by owner assistance
Document review and revision
Ownership agreements, buy-out agreements, joint venture agreements, Lease agreements, option agreements
Formation of LLC(s) to hold and manage real estate
Deeds of Trust, Promissory Notes and other investor, seller or family financing
Real estate leasing
Property Management
Landlord – Tenant matters
Legal consultation services (click here for additional info and/or to book a consultation)
Dispute Resolution / Mediation (see below / click here for additional info)
Easement Agreements
Boundary line disputes
Fence and monument disputes / enforcement of California’s “Good Neighbor Fence Act” (click here for additional info)
Neighbor disputes
Construction contracting
Additional real property matters