Private Party Transactions, For Sale By Owner Assistance

We can coordinate all aspects of your private party transaction or For Sale By Owner via video conference and teleconference.

Already have a sale in-place? Perhaps even a contract? Thinking of selling to your tenant? Already in escrow with a REALTOR® but desire legal guidance and document review? We readily assist buyers and sellers navigate the legal complexities, document review and drafting involved in California Real Estate transactions.

100 percent of our business is California real estate. From one-hour consultations to address any documents or questions you have, to complete “hand holding” throughout the sale or purchase of your home, we are here to help. We provide legal assistance, including document review and drafting, to buyers as sellers with the purchase or sale of California real estate. Confidentiality agreements and use of LLCs to further assure privacy can also be facilitated.

“For sale by owner” can encompass many forms that may be right for you as a seller or buyer. We readily see the following examples, but there’s no limit to the unique situation you may have.

  • Selling to a tenant / Buying from a landlord
  • Selling to a family member / Buying from a family member
  • Selling to a friend / Buying from a friend
  • Selling to a neighbor / Buying from a neighbor
  • Selling to a co-worker / Buying co-worker
  • Selling to a flipper or investor / Buying from a flipper or investor
  • Selling to Zillow / Buying from Zillow

We can facilitate and assist with any transaction in the state of California. Electronic signatures, Zoom, mobile notaries, Fedex and electronic county filings make it all possible.

How does it work? Easy. We can prepare all documents necessary including the purchase agreement, seller disclosures, and all required documentation and can even electronically record title. If applicable, we coordinate inspections, appraisals, due diligence, termite and/or other repairs. If a loan is involved, we work with the lender and a third-party title company (that the lender will require) and coordinate all aspects of the same to ensure a seamless transaction.

Ready to proceed with a private sale or For Sale By Owner?

We facilitate private party and for sale by owner transactions on a flat-fee basis depending on the work performed, not the value of the home. Contact our office to obtain a quote today (contact info below).

Fair warning to sellers – in a seller’s market (no doubt the current situation for most homes) countless advantages exist to traditional on-market sales (i.e. listing your home for sale on the open market, often with the use of a real estate broker and/or REALTOR®) to attract and achieve market-based top-dollar. That said, many situations exist where a private sale or for sale by owner is right for you.

If considering a traditional on-market sale in the greater Newport Beach or Costa Mesa areas, Lucas Real Estate, attorney Devin Lucas and CPA Courtney Lucas likewise best in on-market five-star listing and buyer representation services for the greater Newport Beach and Costa Mesa areas, including remodeling assistance, staging, and affiliation with the area’s leading luxury brokerage, Villa Real Estate. Please click here to learn more about our on-market five-star listing services; Please click here to learn more about our five-star buyer representation services.

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