Please see our mediation services page for detailed information including pricing and understanding the online and virtual mediation process.

Use the below calendar to choose a mediation date. All parties must agree on the date. NO date is guaranteed until all parties confirm and full payment is received. (Payment links will be sent to each party, along with secure links for virtual conference rooms and backup telephone dial in options)


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In-person attendance was always preferential, but extenuating circumstances have altered in-person meetings for the foreseeable future.  While our office intends to remain open and available (and has ample facilities for frequent handwashing), new orders and various comfort levels likely indicate we will be online, virtual, over video conference for the foreseeable future.   

Each party will be provided their own secure video (and/or dial-in) conference with the mediator, one-on-one.  

We use Google Meet.  Google Meet is easy and works with any browser, no account or software required (optional mobile device apps to download).  You will be provided an email with a secure link to your conference.  Parties and their counsel can appear from the same, or multiple locations.  There is no limit on the number of locations and connections.  

Payment is required in advance to confirm mediations.  Payment links will be provided to each party and we are waiving all credit card fees.


Email or call for additional information: | 949.478.1623 office