Lucas Real Estate is a unique full-service residential real estate brokerage and residential real estate law firm, offering both real estate brokerage services and real estate legal services, including expert tax advice, under one roof.  100 percent of our business is California residential real estate.  Devin R. Lucas (full bio) is a Real Estate Attorney, Real Estate Broker and REALTOR®; Courtney R. Lucas (full bio) is a REALTOR®, CPA and former Assurance Manager with Ernst & Young. 

The Lucases assists individuals, investors and trustees in all forms of real estate transactions – buying, selling, management, investment, discrete and confidential transactions, for sale by owner, dispute resolution and mediation, and so much more – with emphasis in residential real estate in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and surrounding Southern California communities.  

For discrete and confidential transactions (including confidentiality agreements, LLCs and third-party LLC management to legally distance true ownership away from public records), Lucas Real Estate is second to none in assisting high profile clientele and foreign investment with residential real estate.  Likewise, Lucas Real Estate is especially adept with investment properties and trust and estate administration.  Read on, and explore the rest of our website, including our blog, for expert legal articles and to learn more about our unique practice. 




Lucas Real Estate assists individuals and investors with a host of transactional and related legal issues including the above.  To schedule a consultation, email (info@lucas-real-estate.com), call (949-478-1623) or click here to book a consultation.

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