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  • September 10, 2012
  • devinlucas

Anyone looking for property in East Side Costa Mesa will have no problem finding the home of their dreams.  Unfortunately for buyers, home prices are on a significant incline.  As loans remain at record low rates, those with solid credit, income and lender approvals can lock-in unprecedented interest rates.  Even a “more expensive home” (compared with, say, a few years ago) can cost the average buyer far less in the form of monthly payments and long term debt service given these low interest rates.  The primary problem for many buyers will be obtaining a down payment, competing with cash offers and of course, making that giant leap into home ownership!

Consult your local lender about pre-qualification and your local real estate professional to start looking as the necessary first steps.

-Devin Lucas

Author Devin R. Lucas is a Real Estate Attorney, Broker and REALTOR®, specializing in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Orange County, serving individual, investor and small business interests in real estate.  Active with the Newport Beach Association of REALTORS® and Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce, Devin R. Lucas Real Estate is an independent real estate brokerage and law practice located in Newport Beach, California.

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