Save Water, Save Money, Upgrade Your Home, All For Free – The Weather-Based Irrigation Control Rebate Program From The Municipal Water District of Orange County

  • October 16, 2012
  • devinlucas

There are many energy-efficient rebate programs still out there.  While Congress let lapse a key federal tax rebate for all kinds of great energy-efficient upgrades, there are still many programs remaining that homeowners, landlords and businesses should jump on.

One of the best programs (because it’s completely free for single-family residences), is to upgrade to a Weather-Based Irrigation Control Unit for your sprinklers/landscape.  Such a “smart controller” (available at many local outlets or on-line, a list of qualifying products located in the links below) monitors the climate, monitors the rain, you can input the type of soil you have, type of plant/shrub/tree, etc., etc., all to reduce and maximize the amount of water you need for landscaping.  This translates into healthier landscape, reduced water usage, and reduced water bills.  

This rebate program is available, up to $425, for single-family residences – far more than the costs of most systems (mine was like $250), thus making the upgrade free.  Moreover, the rebate program is also available for multi-unit residences and businesses, but limited to $25 per station… which still could end up being free, depending on the number of stations you have.  So homeowners, landlords, apartment complexes, business and virtually any consumer with landscaping can benefit from this program.

Not only is this a wonderful technological upgrade to your home, it will save water, help the environment, and reduce your water bill.  A true “win win” situation for everyone involved.  If you have an apprehension or dislike of government rebates, don’t in this case.  Everyone benefits from the municipalities’ reduction in water usage, water filtration, water transport, etc., resulting in costs savings to the municipalities, yourself and the taxpayer.

Like any rebate program, you have to jump through a few hoops.  You have to register.  You have to buy, and install, a qualifying product.  Send in the completed rebate form along with proof of purchase, etc.  You can do it yourself as a fun weekend project (like I did), making it completely free… or, you can have it professionally installed and still get the same rebate (of course you then have to pay for the installation).  Purchasing and/or installing the controller is likely something your existing landscaper/gardener will do for $100 or so.  It would likely take a professional an hour or so to install, especially if replacing an existing controller, plus time to configure the new unit; add a little more time if doing yourself, depending on your handiness.   

Live in Costa Mesa… start here:

Other areas of Orange County… start here:

Elsewhere in California or the country… check with your local water municipality for rebate programs.

FYI – Costa Mesa and Orange County currently have additional rebates for Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles (which are more efficient nozzle heads), along with High-Efficiency Clothes Washers.  Check with your local municipality frequently as rebate programs change from time-to-time, and are often limited to a “first come, first serve” basis.

-Devin Lucas

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